Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever

Eternal Egypt

Rafik G. Baladi






Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever: Eternal Egypt

Experience Egypt from a unique and factual perspective of the author in Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever…


This testimony reveals its author’s experience with Egypt, recounting warm and overwhelming moments of grief and joy; of pain and human victory. It spirals far back to Egypt’s glorious days and forward to her last sixty years of struggles. It depicts vast similarities in the absurdity of human marginalization, from homeland, to school and workplace, including his own recent suffering. It is a beautiful, genuine, and romantic fairy tale of human survival, rich with history and spirituality. It is based on true events.

“Just as a living tree loses its aging fruits to its rich soil . . . , ” says the author, “so has Egypt lost many of her jasmines but for different reasons. It lost them because of social and political insensitivity.” 

These jasmines had to leave their mother’s bosom because of the shifting social climate and because of their shades, passions, and roots. Overseas, they continued to flourish with their gentle scents. Beautiful things happen to them; things that revitalize the souls. But the absurdity of intolerance broke in the homeland; it broke out of proportions, between 2010 and 2012. Hope continued to prevail.



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